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The first stablecoin
with auto-staking rewards

Just hold RUSD and earn rewards in multiple tokens

RUSD is pegged 1:1 with the USD, and just by holding it, investors can earn passive income from auto-staking. But what is interesting for Reflecto (RTO) investors is that RUSD collects fees during each buy/sell transaction, which are then sent back to the Reflecto rewards system for buyback and burn.


What is Reflecto USD?

RUSD is a decentralized stablecoin, the first stablecoin with auto-staking that rewards its holders with multiple other tokens.

RUSD established a new standard in the DeFi and the way stablecoins work. The innovative approach to staking and the stability of the price (1:1 with USD) makes RUSD stand out from other types of stablecoins.

People will not only use the RUSD stablecoin to convert volatile cryptocurrencies, but also to hold it and get additional rewards from it.

The initial pool contains Reflecto, but other tokens can be added as well by providing fees to Reflecto, which will be used for buyback and burn of Reflecto V2.

Why you should choose RUSD
over other stablecoins

Convert volatile crypto to RUSD

If you're a crypto trader, the best way to save your profits is to convert them to RUSD stablecoin, which is pegged 1:1 with USD.

Auto-staking rewards

On top of that, just by holding RUSD stablecoin, you'll be able to earn tokens of your choosing as additional rewards.

Select your reward token(s)

All you have to do is visit this link, hit "add a pool" and when we approve it, you'll start accumulating auto-staking rewards.

Get started in 3 steps


Go to Reflecto Swap

Visit our DEX at reflectoswap.com to
purchase RUSD stablecoin.



Make sure to own some BNBs
which can be converted to RUSD.


Add a pool

Lastly, add a pool via reflectousd.com
to add additonal auto-staking rewards.

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